The Stillbirth Foundation Australia Launches #IAMTHATSTATISTIC to Break the Silence on Stillbirth – October 15, 2015 - Every year 2,190 babies are stillborn in Australia. That’s 6 Australian families who experience the devastation of stillbirth every day. On 15 October 2015, Pregnancy Loss Day, the Stillbirth Foundation is launching #IAMTHATSTATISTIC to raise awareness of stillbirth. The campaign aims to unite families who have experienced stillbirth and build an Australia-wide community of supporters. […]
NSW Pregnancy Loss Day Services – October 15 2015 - This Pregnancy Loss Rememberance Day, two very special services will be held in memory of babies lost during pregnancy, stillbirth and children up to 12 years. At the conclusion of the Service, each attendee will be provided with a symbolic gift of a white candle. These will be lit at 7:00pm as part of the […]